The purpose of this website is to provide residents with detailed information about the rules and regulations specified in the covenants as well as other appropriate information intended to help all feel informed and comfortable with living in this beautiful community.


Just to let you all know so you can pass it along. I've had a few water moccasins in my yard. Not unusual, I live by the lake. The most recent one, which is the one that concerns me most, I found on the sidewalk just before sunset. If I had not been looking down I would have stepped right on it or it would have struck one of my dogs. Please pass a word of caution to the neighborhood as you all see fit.

(R E M I N D E R)

Waste Management asks residents to please maintain at least 3 feet of spacing between carts and also keep them away from MAILBOX POSTS or OTHER OBJECTS. This is to provide room for the clamps when the trucks lower them to enclose the carts for pickup.

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Photo within Herons' Landing

R a i n b o w  B e a u t y

Residents are encouraged to send photos of wildlife, nature, & other interesting scenes within Herons' Landing for display as shown above.
Examples include photos of sunrises, sunsets, flowering trees etc.

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